Wendler's View On Women Lifting

Lifting is good for everyone. Period. Women, men, whomever, so the bullshit myths that women cannot lift like men rationales are really irritating because how they might deter women from getting into lifting. Here are some similar thoughts from Jim Wendler:

On T-Nation.com, there is a series of articles called “Blood And Chalk” in which S&C coach Jim Wendler speaks his mind. He is what you could call…… Direct. I mean, he says whatever the hell he thinks! And, it is not in ANY WAY candy coated. Obviously….. I like him. I agree with damn near everything I’ve heard him say. But, when I saw him asked a question about women as athletes…. I was a little worried. I really expected him to say some not so encouraging stuff. But, to my excitement, he was very encouraging. Here is what he had to say:

TM: I was thinking about getting my wife started on 5/3/1. Are there any changes or alterations that need to be made for women?

JW: In general, women should train the same as men. I’m not sure how the “women need special shit” myth got started — maybe because guys have “outies” and girls have “innies”? Or maybe because it doubles the number of programs coaches can sell? That said, coaching women might be different, but everyone is different to coach, regardless of gender.

The only thing that you really have to be cognizant of is that women tend to do more reps at the same given percentage of their max as men. For example, let’s say a guy can do three reps at 90% of his max; a girl might be able to get six reps. That’s just an example, but hopefully you get the point. I would also highly recommend smaller increments between lifts — use 2.5 pound and 5 pound jumps.

Now if they’re just starting out or have an apparent weakness in a big lift (standing press is usually the most obvious) then you will have to treat these lifts a little differently until they get their feet wet. I’m actually working on a beginner 5/3/1 program for a new book I’m putting together on programming.

In conclusion, women should squat and bench and deadlift and press just like those with the hang low.

There you go. Truth… Wendler style! If you’re interested in his awesome lifting program go HERE!