Save the Sharks

The sharks are dying.

Well actually that’s inaccurate.  The sharks aren’t reproducing. Our oceans are being affected by typical selfish human behaviors, and the environment we created is not a favorable environment for sharks. See, things exist because of selection. If an entity is functioning well in an environment, it will survive, and more of them will be around. But if the environment changes, the animals that do better in the new environment will make it, and the old ones won’t. That’s how animals become extinct.

Ok….. What the hell does this have to do with BJJ?


Here is a famous quote for you to ponder:

“The ground is my ocean. I am a shark. And most people don’t know how to swim."

What a perfect analogy for what BJJ was. The ground was the ocean. And you became a shark. Look, a lion is a NASTY animal…. On land. But in the ocean….. He’s just food.

That was BJJ.

BJJ made sharks……. Pure and simple.  And that’s where we stepped in and fucked it all up.  We got so interested in the “sportive” applications of the art, that we literally changed the selection process. We have World Champion ELITE level BJJ competitors getting disqualified for NOT engaging?!?!?  The analogy in that quote still holds dead true. The ground is still the ocean. And most people still don’t know how to swim. But those animals you see swimming around. Those aren’t sharks. They can swim like motherfuckers, but they are no god damn sharks.  I want to save the sharks. Please…. Please be a part of this movement. Please stop “polluting our oceans”. Yes we need other fish in the sea. Diversity is a good thing. I don’t want the tuna (or whatever the fuck sport BJJ’rs are supposed to be) to go extinct either. I just don’t want to see the all the sharks die off.

We’re losing our sharks people. It’s a shame.


Save The Sharks.

Train BJJ the right way.

Train HERE!

You CAN make a difference.

WE can make a difference.

Photo Credit - "White shark" by Pterantula is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0