Knock it off with the Groin Pain

I’m watching the UFC. Some kid just got kicked in the groin, and he just dropped. I mean writhed around like someone just shot him. I know getting hit in the groin hurts. But come on. If you writhe around that bad, you better go to the hospital.

Here’s my problem. Back in the day, groin shots were legal. And I never once saw a guy stop from one. I was kneed in the groin like 5 times in a row my first fight. There was an old UFC (when it was still Vale Tudo) where Keith Hackney hit Joe Son in the directly in the groin like 30 times, and the dude never stopped.

Were people tougher, back then? I don’t think so. I think that because it is now not supposed to happen, guys are allowing themselves to make a big deal out of it. I mean some guys intentionally make a big thing out of it to try to affect the points, or get the guy DQ’d.  But that’s just the crappy “gamesmanship”. To me there’s a bigger annoyance.

This is a philosophical problem I have with what society teaches boys. To me being tough is the ability to absorb punishment. But somehow we got taught that we’re trying to be “men”. Because “men” are supposed to be tough. Well, what makes us “men”? Well, apparently, our groins. So in an attempt to improve their appearance of manliness, guys like to make a big thing out of their groins. It’s silly. I think they are just allowing themselves to express the pain. Guys get broken noses, and don’t blink. I’ve seen guys get stabbed and not stop. But because it’s “accepted”, If they tapped in the groin, guys will just flop around on the floor like kids throwing a tantrum. Which is fine, I guess. But then they’ll stand up 2 minutes later and say “nope, I’m fine…. all better”. And that, just drives me nuts. (no pun intended).

Please…. Stop trying to convince everyone you’re a “man” by collapsing on the floor, in unbearable agony, unable to function. Male genitalia haven’t become more sensitive in the last ten years, it’s just gotten cool to act like it.

Just stop.

Pretty simple to me.

If you collapse, you better get taken out on a stretcher. If it ain’t that bad…. Shut up, spit out your pacifier and fight. Crying and cupping your balls, doesn’t make you a man.

Rant over.