Pink Numchucks Update

Several people have been asking me the outcome of the Pink Numchuks post from a few days back. Well, I’ve been curious myself. I only see the star of that story by chance in a gas station by my house, so I have been without the ending to that drama too!

Well, I saw her yesterday. And went all junior high on her “OMG, I haven’t seen you days…. did you talk too him… what happened….. tell me everything”. I could feel my ponytail bouncing all crazy. I got it together and calmed down while she told me the outcome.

She did in fact call sensei back. And to make a long story short….. He bullied, then guilt tripped, then caved. They all do. I told her I was proud of her, and she should be proud of herself. That, how she acted then, was the role model her daughter should follow, not grand pooh bah, or whatever he wants to be called. She agreed.

The kid has pink numchuks.

The mom is proud.

That’s how it goes…. the small things really do matter.

You change the world one person at a time.