More Reasons To Do BJJ

This video is super upsetting. And not entirely because of the disgust towards the perpetrator of the crime. Because of my perspective, I see things a little differently.

See, I see how NOT dangerous that douhcebag is.

I see, how, with a few lessons, she could’ve endured that same assault with much less damage. And with a good 6 months of training, I have no doubt she would have choked him the fuck out.

Don’t get me wrong…… I’m not blaming HER. I’m blaming society at large. She probably has no idea that a woman her size could legitimately beat the shit out of a guy his size with the right training. To me this is kind of like seeing a group of people watching someone at the edge of the grand canyon. All the people know the rail is busted, and NOBODY tells this person. And they all watch as they lean on the rail, and fall over. That’s not the victims “fault”. It’s everyone watching.

This beating is our fault. For not pushing the importance of self defense, and BJJ specifically.

For not teaching our Women that they can be strong, and fierce, and even dangerous.

For not making our general public tough enough that wimpy fucks like this piece of shit, feel like doing a home invasion is even a possibility for them. Look this guy, sucks. He can’t fight his way out of a wet paper sack. He put up on a scared, unprepared, untrained, not noticeably tough, or athletic housewife. And, after their first exchange, she is still conscious, and mobile, and following him around the house. WTF?!

Bro, if you can’t put that one away straight off the bat, you definitely don’t want to stumble into my home. You’ll end up a “basement toy” for a good long time, until I get bored and feed you to the dogs.

Anyway…… Let me be the one to say:

The rail is broken don’t lean on it. Stand on your own.

Women- You can be tough. You can be fierce. I literally guarantee I can teach you to beat THAT guys ass.  That IS possible for you to pull off.

Yes, it will take work. Yes, it will be challenging. And yes….. It will be totally worth it.

This is a wake up call.