Chad Wesley Smith, BJJ, and Strength Training

Chad Wesley Smith is an elite power lifter, holds his professional Strongman card, and is a lifting coach, and he recently took second place in the white belt division at Worlds. (Here's his semi-finals match):

Here's an episode of his podcast where talks about how he trains both lifting and jiu-jitsu.  While he cannot train both at optimal levels, the frequency of his lifting and the total volume (for instance, he can still squat in the 700s despite not focusing his training on lifting) are incredible. 

The important takeaway is for those who think that you can lift and training jiu-jitsu simultaneously; or if you do, or have to seriously curtail one or the other.  Sure, most people will never squat in the 700s regardless, but that does not mean people training jiu-jitsu cannot get stronger and handle decent volume while also hitting the mats 3 - 4 times per week, and that this canard that lifting and jiu-jitsu are somewhat mutually exclusive is bullshit.