The Lost Art of “Safety”

There are about a million and five videos out there about how to escape side control. But, almost NONE that talk about actually protecting yourself from a person intent on doing real damage. It’s crazy to me, that no one even “discusses” anymore. Much less teaches it. This video is how I teach Side Control Safety Position, as well as, an escape that works unbelievably well in a self defense scenario…… And pretty much not at all in any sort of gym or competitive setting. The problem is, that it doesn’t work in that setting because like a lot of BJJ, it relies on the opponent making a critical mistake. After someone has experience, they stop making the most basic critical mistakes. But OUTSIDE….. These mistakes are RAMPANT. And you don’t even know how to take advantage! Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

I can’t tell you how often I pose this scenario to “advanced” BJJ people, and hear “replace guard”, or “go inverted guard” or some such nonsense. Yes, that shit can work. And yes there are dudes in the world that can sweep me on my head with it. But that’s not the fucking point. Christ, Liberace made an excellent living playing the piano, and wearing bedazzled jumpsuits. Doesn’t mean you tell you kid to do that instead of going to school!!!!

I’m just saying that if you care about your students, you have to teach them high percentage stuff. The stuff that the everyday people will be able to do against the most probable attackers, in real life scenarios.

Then, if you discover a superstar in the making….. Get out your bedazzler, and go inverted guard.