If Superman wasn’t bulletproof, he would just be “that scared guy that can fly”

Anyone that’s been around me knows I can teach any move a number of different ways. Actually that’s the mark of a good teacher.

Just like in BJJ, a low level student has a move, and if it doesn’t work….. Well…… They lose.

Most teachers are in that boat. They have the way that THEY learned it and they will regurgitate that on you. And if THAT doesn’t work…… “.  Just keep practicing, it’ll come” is the standard answer to save face.

Thing is, if you CAN teach a number of different ways, deciding HOW to format what you teach becomes CRUCIAL!

So, if I can teach via the “Ladder”, or, I can teach via common principles (IE: here’s a “Frame”, let’s examine it’s many uses)….. Then why did I choose to break it down into basic/ and Intermediate when I’m teaching group classes?

Here’s the reason.  Average retention time.  We have a TON of people stay for years. But the sad reality is many people join and stay for a few months, then get caught up in other stuff, and bail. It’s the nature of society.  Low attention span, and no commitment.

So, if I know I may only have a few months……. I need to prepare you as best I can. So, in the Basic Curriculum (White Belt stripes 1 & 2) everything is about basic defense.  In the Intermediate (stripes 3 & 4) it’s more about attacking.  Hell, I used to call it “Self Defense” and “Fighting Fundamentals”, because that was a more accurate description of the concepts in each. One was about “not getting beat up”. The other was a little more in the “beat them up” vein.

Hell, I only changed the name cause of the push back from the macho douchebag community. Which, as we know is absolutely thriving these days. They would come in and go “yeah, I don’t need self defense….. I can handle myself. I just want to get better at fighting. So, can I go straight to the Fighting Fundamentals class?”

Slow down turbo.

First part of whipping a whole lot of ass, is not getting beat up. So….. Yeah….. You may want to the Self Defense part too.

But, I tired of having the discussion every other day. So I just called it basic, and intermediate. I still have the “straight to advanced” wannabes come in, but it’s a tad easier to shut them up with this, than the other.

But, watch next time you do a class. Things listed as “basic” will have the “be careful” vibe, and the intermediate will tend to a bit more aggressive action.

But….. Gotta walk before you can run!

Basics, and Defense are part of being bad ass.

It’s cool that Superman can fly and all, but it’s the bullet proof thing that lets him actually do the hero gig!