Rules about Hygiene and Attire

As a reminder, hygiene is important is the sport given the amount of direct body contact that occurs.  We do our best to keep the gym, the mats in particular, clean, but it's also important that members help by remembering some important rules about hygiene.  Additionally, there are some rules regarding proper attire that should be adhered to: 

  1. Wash your gi.  Washing does not mean you pull your dirty and still wet gi out of your bag, and air dry it for 10 minutes before the start of class;
  2. Wash your no-gi gear.  Same thing; the miracle of washing requires an actual, you know, washing machine and more than 10 minutes;
  3. Shower after training.  If you can't shower right after training, use body wipes;
  4. If you do develop a skin problem, DO NOT roll.  If you are unsure, get it checked by someone before you roll.  Getting it checked out means having an actual human look at it; it does not mean going to Web MD, Google Images, etc.;
  5. Keep fingernails and toenails cut to appropriate lengths so as not to scratch your training partners.  NO ARTIFICIAL NAILS;
  6. Do not roll while sick and contagious.  Again, be considerate of your training partners; 
  7. No shoes are to be worn on the mats. 
  8. If you wear loose fitting shorts for jiu-jitsu or Muay Thai, wear compression shorts or spats underneath--some people are inadvertently giving their training partners a lesson in anatomy; 
  9. For no-gi, grappling shorts are preferable, but make sure they do not have zippers or anything else that can cut or otherwise injure your training partners.
  10. Sports bras under gis are to be full coverage.